Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Patience & Persistence Pays

One of the best ways to make more image sales is to get more images past our editors at Trigger. That's no mean feat as they're renowned for being very picky. The longer you then leave your stock shots in our galleries the more opportunity you will have to sell licenses for your work. If you only submit a handful of images you're going to be frustrated by the lack of activity so you want to build your licensing folio over time until it represents a variety of emotive content. Just like any folio of work instant sales are a dream we'd like to come true but the reality is marketing your work takes time, money and patience. German photographer Alaya Gadeh is a prime example of how to develop a great folio and be rewarded by having the patience for the right client to use her work. Despite being relatively new to photography, having never sold a picture in her life, she persisted with her creativity and updated her licensing folio almost daily, now she is getting results. With over 1000 images in her licensing folio she has filled the floral gallery and the right client was sure to spot her work sooner rather than later. After a 12 month wait The Almanac Gallery based in The Kings Road in London spotted the potential in her folio. Alaya now has a range of stunning floral greetings cards about to hit the shops across England. She has also licensed her work to Italy's biggest magazine L'Espresso and is our top seller at Art.com. Watch this space for what happens next for Alaya.

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