Friday, 15 January 2010

Trigger & The Big Boys

In a world of bland mega agencies, Trigger occupies a small but perfectly formed creative atoll amidst a sea awash with stock dirge. Millions of images you wouldn't want to use and the rare one you might find if you have the patience of a saint. Art buyers face a frustrating search and are increasingly rejecting what has been, in favour of something new. As a result after years of filling their galleries with literally millions of average staged shots the big agencies are now seeing the light and adding 'creative' galleries to their stock pile. Welcome to the modern world big agencies.

As a small agency Trigger cannot compete on size and we don't want to, we're not designed to do that. It's not how big you are it's what you do with it, afterall when did big equal good and small equal not so good. Trigger is small, we're niche, we're boutique, we're specialist, we love creative stuff and we want our carefully selected photographers to fill our galleries with inspiring work offering art buyers a real new creative choice of images for their projects.

The big boys have recognised that niche can be good and so they've been chatting to us over the past few months. The exciting news is that most of the work in our galleries is now being marketed to a whole new clientele through some of these big boy agencies including Agefotostock with offices in Spain, Paris and New York, DPA Pictue-Alliance in Germany, StockPhotoPro and Glasshouse Images in USA and now Alamy based in UK.

Alamy have 17.58 million images to date, which in anyones books is big, very big. Did we go grovelling to their door in the vain hope they would be interested in a small agency? No, they approached us. The result is we now have over 5000 images online at Alamy and this number will increase as our photographers submit new work. If you've ever tried to get images accepted by Alamy you'll know how difficult it can be. Their QC (quality control) is infamous for rejecting the slightest image aberration and if they reject one image they reject them all!! At Trigger we love aberrations if they add to an image and so this makes the decision by Alamy even more revolutionary.

Congratulations to our photographers for creating great images and to Alamy for recognising their creativity.



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  2. Congrats & Cheers!

    love + luck + bliss,

  3. opps. I added something here recently, deleted it because I wanted to change it, got distracted and then forgot to come back! Sorry Tim. This is exciting news. You'd have to be pretty happy about it, I'm guessing. Congrats! :)