Friday, 19 March 2010 Introduce New High Quality Prints

If you're busy behind the camera it can be difficult finding time to market your work and when you do it often includes costly printing, postage, cold calling, email lists, websites and networking, time you don't have. That's why at Trigger we place your images in front of art buyers for free, saving you the hassle.

In addition to licensing your work directly from Trigger you can also benefit from our distributors in 30 countries including Alamy and Age and also our print on demand supplier, the world's largest online print supplier. To maximise your opportunities you simply need to get as many of your images past our editors, we then do the rest while you sit back and drink cappuccino's.

If you're not already doing so offers an opportunity to sell prints of your work and develop a wider fan base. The editors at love the work in our galleries and are now offering new high spec print options which include Fine Art Watercolour paper, Kodak Professional Endura Metallic papers and Art on Acrylic. These are in addition to their standard posters and sell at a much higher price so you could see a higher return.

We provide all our photographers with the choice to Opt In to so if you want to give it a go just let me know by return. We do all the work for you so you can continue with your cappuccino while we submit your images and collect your royalties on sales.

It's a great way to promote and sell your work and with the new repro options you can have confidence in the reproduction quality of your prints. If you want your work to be included in our next submission to simply reply 'ART.COM OPT IN' in the subject heading of your email and we'll do the rest, while you take a rest.

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