Sunday, 31 October 2010

Market More Sell More

Whether you're an aspiring amateur or professional photographer you can now sell your images online 24/7 with your own slideshow that includes an integrated shopping cart. Market your folio professionally and sell prints and photos without having to worry about delivering files or invoicing, the Trigger team look after that for you.

Creating great images is what you're good at, but if you want to sell your images you need to market your work successfully. We know most photographers would rather be behind the camera so you can now concentrate on what you do best, without having to miss a single sale.

Each image in your slideshow links directly to your shopping cart at Trigger, this means your images are only ever a click away from a sale. By embedding the slideshow code into your web, blog and social networking sites you can distribute your folio to friends, existing clients and new art buyers. In turn they can market your folio by clicking the SHARE button on the slideshow menu. Every sale from your slideshow links back to your personal account. Trigger then pays you by Paypal. It's easy to set up and easy to stop at any time, try it!

The Free Starter Slideshow is available to all photographers, students, amateurs and pros. Simply upgrade to sell more at any time. Free Setup. No commitment. Cancel anytime.


Images by *Stephen Arens - at Trigger Image

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