Thursday, 19 February 2009

Trigger Slideshows

We now have 100 great photographers onboard at Trigger. Some are pro's some amateur, but who gives a fig about letters after your name when what's in your folio really counts. Whether you're creating inspiring imagery with a Hassleblad or a Holga putting it online is vital to get your folio seen and create interest from potential clients whether that's for your licensed imagery of your personal work. We provide a free pool where all our photographers licensed works can be seen and purchased from our galleries at any time day or night. In return we just ask you to provide a link to your licensed images at Trigger. We now want to make that link work even harder for you by utilising our new slideshow feature. We will create a personalised slideshow with just your work, you can then place your slideshow on your websites and blogs where clients can click an image and immediately link to your sales page on Trigger. Spread your slideshow as far as you can and it will always link back to your licensed work where clients can buy online. It's viral marketing and we're going to be offering 12 months worth of free slideshows to 5 Triggerites who leave the most interesting comments on our new Blog.

Make the most of your assets with our free marketing slideshow.

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