Sunday, 12 April 2009

Look who's Looking

To give you a better idea and a closer look of just who is scanning through your images in the Trigger galleries take a peek at this short list. These are clients who are looking for inspiring work and have chosen to register with Trigger because they can see the potential in your imagery. By continually updating with your new work they will at some point turn their enquiry into a purchase. Think positive and be pro-active to meet your clients image search needs.

Verstegen Trading : Germany
Black Cat Design : USA
Hilden Design : Germany
Cree Design : Italy
Hachette Books : USA
Butcher Design : USA
Ogilvy Mather Advertising : India
Schweitzer Design : USA
L'Espresso Edoitoriale : Italy
Turrini Design : Italy
The Design Works : USA
JFD London : England
Robinson Design : England
Random House : Spain
Folk Creative : USA
Tilly Marketing : England
Slade Deisgn : England
Guter Punkt : Germany
Anu Design : Germany
Oxford University Press : England
Little Brown Books : England
Planeta : Spain
Starwood Hotels : USA
Random House : Germany
Harper Collins : England
Grand Central Books : USA
Head Design : England
Pan Macmillan : England
Terner & Sons : England
Leidon University :
Hachette Livre : England
Redcow Creative : England
Mays Publishing:
Love Commercials :
Momentum :
Chandler Chicco Agency :
Capital Publishing :
Swanke Hayden Connell : England
Hodder & Stoughton : England
JWT Advertising : Dubai
Pocket Editions : France
Seed Design :
Blank Canvas : England
River Publishing : England
Ogilvy One : England
Harlequin Publishers : Australia
Taylor Inc : USA
Pygmalia : France

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  1. Wow, this is such a diverse group of clients. It's so exciting and amazing to see them all. Congrats, Tim!