Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The New File Spec

We're upping our file spec. This will ensure your imagery is more commercially available and of a higher value to clients. File enlarging is called interpolation and can be tried in Photoshop or Genuine Fractals. Increasing the size of an image can reduce image quality so always start with a high quality raw or tif image and save the enlarged image as a jpg at maximum quality before uploading to Trigger.

File Spec:
Colour: Adobe RGB or sRGB
Dpi: 300
File Size: Only upload JPG files. When these are uncompressed as TIF files they should be 48MB or higher.
Interpolation: If you are having to increase the size of your original files this should only be done using high quality original images to avoid any loss in quality.
Pixel size: 16MP (5000 x 3200) Minimum
IPTC Description: Enter a full and detailed description of the photograph
IPTC Keywords: Enter words separated by commas, that describe the image, its contents and the emotion conveyed.
Model Releases: If you include adults you should obtain signed release forms from them. If you include children you should get a signed release forms from their parent or guardian.
Property Releases: If you include private property, ie cars, boats, planes, buildings etc you should get a signed release from the owner to use the image commercially.
You should keep the signed release forms safely. If our client request to see a release form we will ask you to email a copy to us.
File names: Four letters followed by five numbers. For example if your name is John Smith take the first letter of your first name 'j' followed by the first three letters 'smi' of your second name, jsmi00001, jsmi00002, jsmi00003, etc.

If you have any questions just drop me a line.

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