Monday, 12 October 2009 Sales

Sales through are up 300%. Are you taking advantage of this income stream?

Having a good selection of images on and their associate sites means your work is reaching an enormous global poster and print market. They promote themselves as the biggest poster retailer with over 1 million purchase options online in multi-lingual sites to cater for every possible customer and they deliver globally with a money back guarantee if customers are not totally satisfied with the quality of the reproduction.

Trigger has been working with over the past 12 months providing imagery from those photographers who specifically requested to license their work in this enormous market place and now we're starting to see what can be achieved through regular sales and a regular pay cheque to those photographers.

Of course it's not for everyone and we offer our photographers the option to license their work with right from the start. In order to get the most from licensing you need to put the most in and this includes having a broad approach to where your imagery might be licensed. The market is broad and your work could be reproduced on book covers, greeting cards, coffee mugs on websites or appear in the board room of major companies from Chile to Czechoslovakia. Clients are paying to use your imagery because they think it will sell their products. So being open minded and accepting that although some products may not appeal directly to you this is a commercial environment and not a fine art gallery.

In order to do this you should only submit images you are happy to license into these potential markets. For example care should be taken submitting images you may want to produce as limited editions in the future. To gain the most from licensing you also need a degree of patience as I've mentioned in a previous blog. Unlike winning the lottery, this is not an instant reward, it takes time to develop your licensing folio and it takes time to distribute those images to your potential customers but patience can be rewarded.

Trigger photographer Mel Allen has been licensing his images with for some time and now has one of the top selling images bringing in a regular pay cheque!

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